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FREIGHTNAV is the ultimate all-in-one freight platform for all your shipping needs. Receive instant and spot quotes on your shipment in seconds. Check carrier availability and then book with your desired rate/carrier. Its that easy


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FreightNav greatly reduces the time it takes to receive quotes on your freight. In a matter of seconds, you can receive multiple quotes from carriers and secure a truck. 
FreightNav has pre-vetted over 1200 carriers for their rates and lanes and incorporated all that data into our quoting algorithm. We now can provide instant rates from not only the big 10 carriers, but every carrier who has a truck. This provides your shipments with the upmost transparent and accurate rates that you will see on the market. We also broadcast your shipment directly to carriers who have that lane and equipment to send you a spot quote.  No more waiting on call backs, or calling carrier after carrier to get multiple rates for your shipment. All you need to do is post your shipment. Select a desired rate and carrier, check their availability and then book the shipment. We also store all your historical data on previously booked shipments, quotes and payments that way you can reflect or duplicate any orders necessary.

Tim Wilson - Owner & Founder

Tim is a born entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Mighty Expedite for 23+ years and mastermind behind FreightNav.
Utilizing the knowledge and skills gained from 25 years within the freight industry Tim recognized opportunities to strengthen and grow the transportation industry as a whole. A logistics and transportation professional, company sponsor and founder, he knows the many challenges small and big businesses alike face especially when it comes to shipments.

FreightNav was developed to harness the power of automation technology and easily connect carriers and shippers, saving companies time and money. It is Tim’s wish to bring freight into the future and give businesses their time back. He is constantly improving on systems to advance his companies, and through them, the transportation field.

He is the happiest when helping his clients get back to spending time on what matters most- family. 

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A Freight Software You Can Trust

Freightnav was created to eliminate the headaches and stress that shipping can cause. Automating the entire shipping process into one platform to save you time and money is our goal.

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