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Carrier FAQ’s

How much does Freightnav charge me as a carrier?

Nothing, Freightnav is free to use for all carriers. No subscription fees, no fees on booked shipments.

Why should I sign up with Freightnav?

Freightnav helps keep your trucks profitable all while providing you with new opportunities to earn. Whether your just starting your carrier company or have been in the business for years. Freightnav has shipments and tools that will help you grow and maintain a profitable business in the freight industry.

Why is Freightnav different from other load boards I have used in the past?

You work directly with our shippers. Every quote you send is sent directly to the shipper for review. If your quote is selected you will receive a booking confirmation from the shipper. You can review, accept or reject the booking request based on the information provided.

How does Freightnav simplify the Freight process?

  • You don’t have to post your trucks, we notify you of every shipment available.
  • We load match our shipments based on your service cities, equipment and capacity requirements.
  • When you quote, our shippers can open a chat with you and discuss the shipment in further detail before booking.
  • Automated BOL and Invoicing
  • Dispatching and freight management tools

How does Freightnav work?

Step 1: Upload an insurance document and accounts receivable information

Step 2: Set your service cities, equipment and capacity options

Step 3: Receive a notification via email and text of a new shipment

Step 4: Quote on a shipment

Step 5: If the shipper selects your quote they will send you a booking request. Review all the details in the request and accept or reject the booking.

Who controls the freight rates?

You do, always put your best foot forward. Freightnav is not responsible for posting quotes on your behalf or changing your quotes. Your quote should be based on the shipment details provided by the shipper. Please quote with fuel surcharge included.

Who can see the quotes I send through Freightnav?

Only you and the shipper. We are not an auction platform. Your quotes are between you and the shipper.

How will I be paid when I deliver a shipment?

You will be sent a booking request from the shipper who selected your quote. This request will include all the shipment details, payment methods, credit application and references. You then have the option to accept or reject the booking request. You then can send an automated invoice directly to the shipper and they will pay you based upon the agreed terms.

Is there a rating system for carriers on Freightnav?

Yes, our rating system is 1-5 stars. When you complete a shipment, the shipper is able to rate their experience with you on the services you provided. When you submit quotes to a shipper, they are able to see your star rating in your quote.

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