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More than Shipping 

Efficient shipping platforms like FreightNav can help cut the costs and time you spend moving products from A to B. Whatever the size of your business, you will want to grow and expand regionally, internationally, and even globally. Effectively coordinated logistics are a necessity in order to lead to positive business results.

The freight industry in North America, especially Canada, has been in dire need for technological improvements for quite some time. The shipping process is excruciatingly convoluted, time-consuming, and redundant. This is because shippers reach out via outdated methods of communication to several brokers and carriers and are at the mercy of their rates and fees. Shippers are often forced to wait several hours and sometimes days for a quote. In the age where time is money, the shipping industry suffers heavy losses in communications, documentation, and pricing. Many companies have inefficient ways of obtaining quotes, tracking shipments, and providing the documentation that follows. 

FreightNav said to, “revolutionizing the trucking industry”, by Business in Focus and, “an app that does a remarkable job of getting freight where it needs to go faster and easier and so at the best possible rate.” The application, backed by 22 years of brokerage experience (Mighty Expedite),has a desire to make improvements to all the problems faced by shippers and carriers in the trucking industry. FreightNav provides a solution in which shippers can access real-time quotes from multiple carriers, lower pricing, and a wide network of pre-vetted carriers and LIVE map tracking system for their shipments. The company also offers 24/7 customer support, automatic pick up, delivery texts and email notifications, direct chat, and access to pre-vetted carriers. FreightNav offers many other features that eliminate challenges hindering the freight industry.

Revolutionizing Freight Logistics

Unlike other freight logistic software companies, FreightNav’s creator, Tim Wilson, has been in the freight industry for over 22 years as the CEO of a successful freight brokerage Mighty Expedite. The goal in the creation of FreightNav was to modernize several aspects of the freight industry and fix issues that Tim, like several brokerages, carriers, and shippers, had years of experience dealing with while observing the lack of logistical resources in the industry. FreightNav seamlessly tackles all these problems in an easy-to-use, streamlined platform. 

With FreightNav you can:

  • Get the most cost-effective rates available every time
  • Receive multiple carrier quotes in minutes with up-to-date carrier ratings
  • Make a direct connection to a nationwide network of pre-vetted carriers
  • Monthly sales reports and printable forms
  • Shippers receive automatic pick up and delivery texts / email notifications
  • Easily track your freight in real-time with Live Map Tracker
  • Access a desktop or mobile-friendly and browser based app, anytime or anywhere, to book available pre-vetted carriers
  • Choose from vans, refers, flatbeds, step decks, sprinters, and many other equipment options
  • Dedicated representatives are ready to support you 24/7

FreightNav is able to successfully automate many of the outdated, challenging, and time-consuming problems. This app is backed by the Mighty Expedite team that’s been in the freight industry for over 22 years. The software is developing a North American database of carriers. FreightNav also provides shippers a single platform to tender any type of shipment, track shipments, and access instant quotes. An important advantage of an automated freight platform – customization for different types of businesses, from small to large based on demand. Also, it leads to financial benefits for the shippers, providing immediate savings and efficient automation of shipments. Quick access to a wide variety of information, such as quotes, freight location, and monthly sales reports are a great help to scaling businesses, and a must-have in the freight industry.

To discuss how FreightNav can help your business access all these benefits book a demo today!