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Simplify your freight needs with an all-in-one online freight shipping platform for instant freight quotes, carrier management, automation and bookings. Shipping anywhere in North America

17+ reviews (4.5 of 5)

Paving a Path in Freight Technology

During the holiday rush, we signed up and used Freightnav. Our temperature sensitive products arrived on time with the carrier that won our bid. Freightnav delivered what they promised. We plan to continue to use Freightnav during regular shipping season as the price turned out to more cost effective than my current rates.

Union Poultry Canada Inc

Absolutely Amazing. Freightnav has quickly become my go to for moving freight. Super easy and efficient platform, saving us money and we haven't had a single problem load. I wish this service was available years ago. I would have had far fewer headaches.

Kevin BrewerNu-Tech Rollforming

We tried Freightnav and love it. Simple to use and provided the ability for us to take charge of our logistics end to end. The incredible pricing has been a big bonus on top of having direct control over loads.

Jon DunskiUltraray Motorsport

FN has helped us tremendously, the customer support is by far one of the best I've experienced. The minute something didn't go right, I didn't even have a chance to contact them, they reached out and help me through my problem. That's what a call a good company.


Instant Freight Quotes

Only receiving quotes from the big carriers? Post your shipment on Freightnav and receive instant quotes from 100’s of carrier companies across North America. Not enough? Receive spot quotes on top of your instant rates from our database of over 1200 carriers.

Shipping Notifications

Your shipment is our number one priority. Stay up-to-date on every step. From the time you post your shipment to our marketplace, to the time it’s delivered, we send you email notifications along the way.

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Freight Savings

On average, our shippers are seeing savings of $40-$100 on each shipment compared to their current freight rates from carriers, brokers or other freight platforms. View Pricing

Instant Freight Rates for LTL & FTL Shipments

  • Automatic Rates for LTL Dry Van, Straight Trucks, Sprinters & Reefers
  • Automatic Rates for FTL Dry Van, Straight Trucks, Sprinters, Reefers, Flatbeds & Roll Tites
  • Spot Quotes for ALL Shipments

How We Can Help

LTL Freight

Many small to mid-sized companies are using LTL shipping more often. LTL is a cost-effective way to achieve better rates, reduce warehousing costs and not pay for unused cargo space in the truck. If you're shipping 20 skids/pallets or under, LTL is the way to go to handle your freight needs.

FTL Freight

Full truckload shipping comes at a greater cost but also has its own advantages. FTL is a more safe, secure, and efficient way of transporting your goods. Whether you have enough freight to fill a standard truck, or you have high-value commodity or time-sensitive goods, FTL is the preferred choice. 20+ pallets/crates

Domestic Freight

When your freight is shipped within a country's borders. Often, these services can be extremely fast, and sometimes same-day delivery is available from certain carriers. Two-day and three-day delivery options are common. If your shipping within your countries borders, we can help!

Cross Border Freight

Utilized for goods that will travel through a country but may or may not stay in that country. Cross-border shipping can be complicated. Most companies understand this and have a customs broker help with their paperwork. FreightNav helps with this process by automatically formulating a BOL (bill of lading) with all your shipment details. You can email, print and send it to anyone involved in your shipping process.

Hazmat Freight

Is any material that may cause serious injury or harm to a person or property when shipped. Shipping hazmat is among the most complicated, regulation-heavy, and expensive products to ship. Because they could pose a danger to people, property, or the environment, there are many rules and regulations required to transport hazmat. Luckily FreightNav has a wide range of carriers that will handle your hazmat material safely and professionally.

Temperature Controlled Freight

Temperature controlled is the transportation of foods and products that require the trailer to be heated or cooled. This trailer is commonly referred to as a “reefer” truck. The trailer has a built-in refrigeration system to keep any and all products in their pre-shipped state. Reefer trucks are mainly used to transport spoilable goods. With this option, refrigerated cargo can reach the intended destination without any loss or decay.

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