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Shippers Looking For Trucks?

Are you a fleet owner or owner-operator wondering how to find loads for trucks? A shipper with frequent pick up and delivery needs? If so, you’ve probably heard about freight/load boards but maybe not a shipping marketplace. 

These platforms are essentially online programs that allow carriers, shippers, and freight brokers to find each other. They facilitate parties quickly negotiating a deal regarding terms, conditions, and price.  Their advantages include:

  • Newer shippers and carriers can build contacts and gain experience.
  • Reduction of deadheading 
  • Easy to access 24/7

While the concept is convenient, not all freight boards (also known as load boards) are created equally. While a lot of online load boards are reputable, many have mixed reviews, and more than a few are a complete scam.

So how can you tell which load board will be an asset to your shipping or trucking business and which one will end up being an expensive pain in the ass(et)? The key is to use a shipping marketplace that’s clearly designed in the best interests of its users. This includes pre-vetting shippers and carriers and getting rid of the middleman (AKA the freight broker) so that more money ends up in your pocket.

Enter FreightNav

Let this shipping marketplace ease your freight woes

User-friendly and offering the latest technology, FreightNav allows shipper and carrier business owners to ship more efficiently and cost-effectively. It eliminates many of the challenges of the freight business, such as:

  • Waiting a long period of time for carriers to provide a freight rate
  • Tracking and tracing shipments by phone or by email
  • Shipping companies waiting until they receive a signed bill of landing before they pay a carrier invoice 
  • Carriers wasting time on extensive quote paperwork for multiple loads

With FreightNav, both shippers and carriers can utilize technology to overcome these frustrating and time-wasting challenges. By doing so they make operations more efficient, and save you money. Our revolutionary marketplace provides instant access to multiple carriers and direct full loads and LTL shipments. It also provides shipping tools intended to help all users lower costs and save time.

FreightNav Advantage for Shippers Looking for Trucks

If you’re a shipper, FreightNav helps simplify the toughest aspects of shipping so you can generate predictable, recurring revenue and positive cash flow. Below are some of our many benefits to shippers.

Get the Best Shipping Rates Every Time

To begin with, our mobile-friendly platform ensures that you’re getting the most cost-effective rates every time. There’s no broker or associated broker fees. Instead, carriers are quoting directly to you, so you can count on the best prices for every direct freight job that you post, and you don’t have to wait days or weeks for a response before you can book freight shipments.  

Find Pre-Qualified Carriers

You have 24-7 access to a nationwide network of pre-qualified carriers. When you need to book a shipment, you’ll receive multiple quotes with up-to-date ratings for each carrier. Not only will you get a price, but you’ll also have a good idea of who you’re dealing with. The carriers who use our platform are continuously rated by the shippers so that you can make an informed decision on which one you want to do business with.

You Always Know Where Your Shipment Is

Those days of trying to reach your carrier or get a status report by phone or email? Long gone. Unlike a lot of freight boards, FreightNav offers full transparency with shipments. You have direct access to your carrier through the platform and receive automatic text or email notifications when your shipments are picked up or delivered. While your freight is on its journey, you can easily track it in real-time with FreightNav’s Live Map Tracker.

Should you need assistance, you don’t have to worry about finding the right party to call. FreightNav representatives are on hand around the clock to assist you at no extra cost and support the successful delivery of every shipment. Shippers looking for trucks have never had it easier!

FreightNav Advantage for When You’re Wondering How to Find Full Loads or LTL Shipments for Trucks

When you’re a trucking company or independent truck driver, finding full loads or LTL shipments and eliminating deadheading can be a challenge. Who has time for cold calling? With FreightNav, you can not only connect directly with shippers, but you can also set your own rates for freight contracts and control your future bookings.

We Take the Competition Out of Finding Trucks to Carry Your Shipments

We work with carriers of all sizes, from owner-operators to large fleets. When a new direct freight shipment becomes available, you’ll receive text and email alerts; if you’re already logged into the FreightNav app, a notification symbol will appear on your profile. All you have to do is check out the notification and decide whether you’re interested in the job.

Unlike a lot of other marketplaces, we don’t believe shipping should be a blood sport: we don’t run an auction that publically pits carriers against each other, forcing them to drive down their prices if they want the job. The shipper is the only one who sees your rates for direct freight services, so you can charge a full and fair price for moving the shipment.

Carriers Get Paid Faster

Speaking of price, we believe all carriers deserve to be paid in full and in a timely manner. Chances are that you’ve dealt with shippers who don’t quite see it that way: in fact, late payments are the bane of the trucking industry. 

To help protect your livelihood, FreightNav has a pre-qualification process that lets you see the credit information for direct shippers before you pursue the job. You’ll also be paid faster, without having to wait weeks for a signed bill of lading as proof of delivery before the shipper pays you, which supports a positive cash flow.

Less Paperwork, More Driving

Using FreightNav, you can start spending more time on hauling and less on time-consuming administrative services and paperwork. A combination of automated workflows, driver and document management tools, and 24/7 support from FreightNav representatives keeps you on the road, earning money.

Tracking Shipments is Easy

If you own or manage a fleet, FreightNav has carrier/dispatcher tools that let you assign a driver to each load. A link is then automatically sent to the driver’s cell phone, allowing you to track the shipment progress in real time from start to finish. No more playing phone tag, waiting for the satellite to update or, even worse, hoping for the best!

Ready to Take Your Trucking or Shipping Business to the Next Level?

As a pre-vetted shipping marketplace, FreightNav is transforming the freight business by increasing transparency and trust between shippers and carriers and creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. Sign up as a carrier or shipper to learn more today.