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Shipper FAQ

Why should I sign up with Freightnav?

We serve shippers ranging from small to large businesses by enabling them to create and tender shipments with a few clicks and secure capacity on demand with direct quotes from carriers. From steel to paper to consumer goods, if it fits on a truck, Freightnav has you covered!

What do I gain from a subscription with Freightnav?

  • Access to 1000’s of pre- vetted carriers
  • Automated quotes, booking, invoicing and BOL
  • Save $100’s on freight every month
  • Manage your freight, payments and carriers

How does the free trial work?

When you create a “shipper” account, your free trial automatically begins. You have 30 full days from the day of your sign up to explore and use all the features Freightnav has to offer.

Can I book a shipment without calling anyone?

Absolutely. You can post your shipping items, get quotes and tender your shipments all online through our platform. No more calling and waiting for quotes or bookings. Everything you need is bundled into our platform for a simple solution to your freight needs.

How does Freightnav help automate shipping needs?

  • Direct quotes from carriers
  • BOL and invoice generation
  • Online bookings
  • Printable or e-mailable documents
  • Quotes and shipment status’s are emailed and texted to you
  • Manage payments and carriers through your shipment charts

How do I know I am booking with a reputable carrier?

Each carrier is pre-vetted for their insurance document, authorities, years in service and any trade references they have. Each carrier is also given a star rating from 1-5 based on the services they provided other shippers. Each one of these items is easily accessible for you to view before making your selection on a carrier.

Will my data submitted be safe and confidential?

Yes, please read our privacy policy here.

How does it work?

Step 1: Create a shipper account

Step 2: Post your freight details to the marketplace

Step 3: Receive quotes from carriers

Step 4: Send a booking request to the selected carrier

Step 5: Carrier accepts the request

Step 6: Shipment is booked and will be picked up on the chosen pick-up date

How does Freightnav save me money?

If your not receiving multiple quotes from carriers, your probably overpaying for your freight. Receiving multiple quotes from carriers helps you weigh out your options and gives you a feel of what the entire market will bring on your shipments. Also we do not charge any fees on booked shipments, unlike traditional brokers who can charge anywhere from 10%-30% on-top of your freight cost.

Who do I contact if I need help?

Call: 289 812 0894


Chat: In App

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