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Trending Freight Automations are the show-stopping technologies that dispel the need for human pilots, drivers, or managers. While Artifical Intelligence always captures the imagination of the masses to think of superpowered robots, it’s use in software and hard tech is revolutionizing multiple commercial industries. The 2020s are likely to see more freight forwarders making use of freight automation software, as this technology becomes more widespread.

Did you know that the freight forwarding industry is not the only freight transport sub-industry that will make use of freight automation in 2022? Trucking companies are likely to follow suit too. Here are the top companies making tracks towards a more advanced shipping future. Freight robot manufacturers like Embark lead the way in autonomous driving software development. Amazon Prime leads the way in Drone or UAV(s) delivery technology. And leading the front in software tech is FreightNav with the launch of its Freight and Shipping Automation Software. 


  1. Self-Driving Trucks: The Series B funding round raised $30 Million for Embark’s bid to be the first to develop and launch a commercially viable driverless truck. This will further Embark, a San Francisco-based developer of autonomous technology for commercial trucks, in their freight automation technology development. They claimed to already have 14’200 reservations for self-driving truck software scheduled to launch in 2024. 
  1. Delivery Drones: Amazon Prime drone delivery, also known as “Prime Air” is a UAV parcel delivery service by Amazon. This service aimed to deliver packages of up to 5 pounds in 30 minutes or less. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) commonly known as drones, autonomously find and deposit pre-selected packages in designated areas marked for UAV docking stations. The announcement from Amazon back in 2013 sent waves through the industry. However, now past the proposed start date of their launch, Drones are still a trending freight automation topic for many shippers, carriers, and customers alike with the time and money savings it proposes. UAV-based drone delivery allows a package delivery directly to a recipient in a time span of minutes rather than days or weeks, thus being a considerable alternative to conventional methods.
  1. Freight Shipping Automation: Freightnav is an industry-changing shipping platform that allows customers to list, book and track their shipments in real time. The company came together with the vision of automating freight and giving you the power to manage your transportation logistics. The founder, Tim Wilson, understood that in order to modernize the industy, new software would need to be implemented. Freight management works best when using an algorithmic platform like FreightNav to get unmatched freight cost savings.

What trending freight automation tech is available now?

Currently, UAV and Self-Driving trucks are close to the market but not yet in full scale use. While drones and driverless trucks are the more flashy of the trending freight automation tech, software is always the first to hit the market in real usable ways.

Managing freight transportation using freight automation will save customers time, money and hassles. By 2022 freight automation technologies like robotics, drones, and shipping automation software will be considered mainstream freight management tools. Here are four reasons why:

1. Shipping costs will increase; no surprise here – but freight automation will help to offset the cost increases.

2. Shipping freight has inherent safety risks; freight automation can improve security.

3. Shipments are increasingly time-sensitive; freight automation offers increased visibility and agility to manage freight transportation challenges. 

4. Customer experience continues to be critical, especially as competition increases; freight automation provides real-time updates, which improves the customer experience.

Out with the old, and in with the new,  is the motto circumventing the freight industry but freight automation technologies are the future of freight transportation. Companies that are able to transition into using automated freight transportation options easily, will be the most profitable in 2022.

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