Why carriers choose Freightnav.

We help carriers pickup more shipments and keep their trucks profitable at their own pace.

Freightnav Carrier

Why sign up to become a carrier?

Because we care. We know subscription fees can be very costly especially if your not finding any shipments. With Freightnav all carriers can find shipments for free.

Whether your just starting your carrier company or have been in the business for years. Freightnav has shipments and tools that will help you grow and maintain a profitable business in the freight industry.

Carriers Sign Up For Free!

Freightnav carrier platform.

Freightnav was specifically designed to not only keep your trucks profitable but also automate the entire shipping process for carriers.

  • Multiple shipments are available to be quoted 24/7
  • We empower our carriers to work directly with our shippers
  • Know how you will be paid, view our shippers payment terms before sending them your rate
  • Email and text notifications on every shipment posted
  • Manage your drivers and shipments with our dispatching tools
  • Review previous quotes and order history
  • Print or email shipment details
  • Document management tools
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Canada and USA border

Daily LTL and FTL shipments available

Cross border, interstate, or local in Canada and the United States

Wherever your lanes are, we have a shipment for you!

Some of our valued and trusted carriers

When carriers win, we win. We help carriers grow and maintain their profits and success at every stage of their business.

Road Runner Prime Logistics
Canadian Maple Express
Oyster Freight Services
Saini Logistic Solutions
Transport Global Logistic
Kris Kay Truck Lines


What does it cost to have a membership with FREIGHTNAV as a carrier?

Nothing, FREIGHTNAV is a free-to-use platform for all carriers!

Why should I sign up with FREIGHTNAV?

FREIGHTNAV is a free platform for all carriers. FREIGHTNAV helps keep your trucks profitable all while providing you with new opportunities to earn. FreightNav has shippers from across North America that need your help in hauling their freight! Easy to use. Receive instant notifications, send quotes, and book shipments quickly without the middleman.

Will my data be private and safe?

Yes, view our privacy policy here.

Why is FREIGHTNAV different from other load boards I have used in the past?

FREIGHTNAV is not an auction platform, we do not pit carriers against each other. We provide this platform free for carriers to obtain extra business and keep their trucks profitable. No brokers, no monthly subscription, deal directly with our shippers. Set your own shipping rates, control your bookings, manage your drivers and shipments all under one roof.

How does FREIGHTNAV simplify the freight process?

You are instantly notified of every shipment posted to FREIGHTNAV. No freight brokers, no phone calls, no waiting. Everything is handled through the Freightnav platform.

  • Receive automatic updates on the status of your quotes.
  • Assign drivers to shipments
  • All paperwork is automated and easily accessible to email, print or view at any time
  • Dispatch your driver in the app to update the shipper.
  • Chat online directly with your Shippers

How does FREIGHTNAV work?

When a shipment is posted in the Marketplace, you will be notified via email, text message or both. From there, you have the option of quoting based on the details provided. If your quote is accepted, then that shipper has agreed to have you move their shipment for the price you sent. It is as easy as that.

Who controls the freight rates?

You do, always put your best foot forward. FREIGHTNAV is not responsible for posting quotes on your behalf or changing your quotes. Your quote should be based on the shipment details provided by the Shipper. Please quote with fuel surcharge included.

Is there a rating system for Carriers?

Yes, FREIGHTNAV has a rating system from 1-5 stars. Your ratings come from shippers on Freightnav. Once you complete a shipment, a shipper will then give you a rating based on their opinion of your performance.

Who can see the rates I send through FREIGHTNAV?

Only you and the shipper see your rate. FREIGHTNAV is not an auction. FREIGHTNAV wants to protect the integrity of the Transportation Industry.

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