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Why carriers choose Freightnav.

We help carriers pickup more shipments, automate their rates and keep their trucks profitable at their own pace.

Freightnav Carrier

Why sign up to become a carrier?

We understand that subscription fees can be quite expensive, especially if you’re not securing any shipments. With Freightnav, all carriers can book shipments without any charges.

Whether you’re launching your carrier company or have years of experience in the industry, Freightnav offers shipments and tools that aid in growing and sustaining a profitable business within the freight industry.

Carriers Sign Up for Free

Freightnav carrier platform.

Freightnav was purposefully created to automate the quoting process of every carrier. This means spending less time on spot quoting and truck posting. With our innovative system, R8Mate, you can automate your rates, lanes, and equipment. Freightnav will effectively serve as a salesperson and dispatcher, streamlining your operations

  • Shipments are available to be quoted 24/7
  • Configure your rates and lanes to automatically send quotes
  • Load matching and quote algorithm
  • Use our quoting tool to quote your own customers
  • Notified by text and email only when your rate is selected by a shipper
  • Deal direct with shippers
  • Chat with shippers before bookings
  • Print or email shipment details, BOL and invoice
  • Review previous quotes and order history
Active quotes IPAD

Configure your automatic rates now!

Fed up with the never-ending emails requesting rates? All carriers can now streamline their quoting process through automated quotes. You can achieve this by enabling automatic quotes in your profile. You have the option to download a sample spreadsheet or input lanes and rates manually. Afterward, select a pricing calculation method, and Freightnav will take care of the rest.


All rates and lanes are confidential to your account and are only shown to a shipper when there is a match of a lane and equipment. All rates can be adjusted before booking.

Want to sign up for a free carrier account?

You will need the following:

  • Carrier Packet

  • Updated COI

  • Company logo and information

  • Your rates and lanes

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