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The Benefits of:

Refrigerated Shipping

Using a reefer trailer (refrigerated trailer) for your shipments offers several advantages, particularly when you need to transport temperature-sensitive cargo. Here are some key reasons to consider using a reefer trailer and how we can help

Perishable Goods

Reefer trailers are designed to maintain a specific temperature range. This is essential for preserving the quality and integrity of perishable goods. Including fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items. This ensures that your cargo reaches its destination in optimal condition.

Temperature Ranges

Reefer trailers can control temperatures within a broad range. Allowing you to transport goods that require specific temperature settings. This flexibility makes refrigerated shipping suitable for a variety of cargo types.


Many industries have strict regulations regarding the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. Refrigerated shipping can help you meet these regulatory requirements and avoid potential fines or legal issues.

Extended Shelf Life

By maintaining a controlled temperature, refrigerated shipping can extend the shelf life of your products. This can reduce waste and the need for frequent restocking, ultimately saving you money.

Reduced Risk of Spoilage

With precise temperature control and monitoring systems, reefer trailers minimize the risk of spoilage, contamination, and damage to your cargo. This helps you avoid costly losses.

Various Cargo

Reefer trailers can transport a wide range of cargo. Including food and pharmaceuticals to chemicals and sensitive industrial materials. This versatility makes them suitable for different industries.

Year-Round Shipping

Refrigerated shipping enables you to transport temperature-sensitive cargo year-round, regardless of external weather conditions. This is especially important in regions with extreme temperatures.

Monitoring Systems

Modern reefer trailers are equipped with advanced monitoring and tracking systems. These trailers provide real-time data on temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions. This ensures that your cargo remains within the specified range throughout the journey.

Reliability and Security

Reefer trailers are designed to be secure and reliable, protecting your cargo from theft and damage. They are equipped with features such as locking systems and alarms.

Global Trade

Refrigerated shipping plays a crucial role in international trade. Allowing the efficient transportation of goods over long distances, including cross-border and overseas shipments.

Sample Refrigerated Quotes

Refrigerated Shipping Quote

Mississauga, Canada → London, Canada

2 Standard Pallets, 1000lbs

Refrigerated Shipping Quote

Mississauga, Canada → Pittsburgh, USA

2 Standard Pallets, 1000lbs

Refrigerated Shipping Quote

Toronto, Canada → Calgary, Canada

Full Truck, 40,000lbs

Refrigerated Shipping Quote

Brampton, Canada → Houston, USA

Full Truck, 40,000lbs

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