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Reefer Trailers

A reefer trailer, short for “refrigerated trailer”, is specifically designed to transport goods that require temperature -controlled environments. The trailers are equipped with a cooling system that allows precise control over the temperature inside the trailer.

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Key Features

  • Temperature Control: Reefer trailers have refrigeration units that can cool or heat the interior to maintain the desired temperature, whether it’s freezing for frozen goods or a controlled climate for fresh produce.
  • Insulation: The walls and roof of a reefer trailer and typically insulated to minimize temperature fluctuations and maintain a consistent climate
  • Temperature Monitoring: Reefer trailers often come with temperature monitoring systems that allow real-time tracking and adjustment of the interior temperature during transit.
  • Ventilation: Some reefer trailers have ventilation systems to control humidity and airflow inside the trailer, which can be crucial for certain types of cargo.
  • Size and Capacity: Reefer trailers can vary in sizes but are most common in 48-foot to 53-foot variations. Most reefer trailers have a maximum load capacity of 45,000lbs

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