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Freight Shipping Equipment Types

Discover the different types of equipment our carrier’s use to move your freight safely and efficiently

Common Equipment Types

Dry Van

48′-53′ of trailer space

Dry van trailer are versatile and suitable for a wide range of freight types, including food, textiles, clothing items, and plastics. They are the most readily available trailer type, commonly chosen for their ability to safeguard products from external elements. Learn More


24′, 48′ & 53′ of trailer space

Flatbed trailers are an excellent choice when your cargo doesn’t demand the enclosure of a dry van, cannot be conveniently loaded or unloaded from a dock, or exceeds the dimensions of standard truck trailers. Their design enables the use of cranes and forklifts to efficiently load and unload goods from various angles. Learn More

Reefer Van

26′, 48′ & 53′ of trailer space

Reefers are dedicated to the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods, particularly foods and products that demand a precisely controlled environment. These trailers come equipped with built-in refrigeration systems designed to maintain products in their pristine pre-shipped condition. Learn More

Straight Truck

24′ & 26′ of trailer space

Straight trucks are primarily employed for the transportation of smaller and lighter freight loads. Many of these trucks are equipped to access loading docks, while some also feature power tailgates for locations without dock accessibility. Learn More

Specialty Equipment Types

Step Deck

48′-53′ of trailer space

Step deck trailers are a popular choice for transporting taller or larger freight. These trailers are specifically designed to accommodate cargo by positioning it lower to the ground, thereby avoiding height restrictions. An additional advantage is the ease and efficiency with which forklifts can load and unload cargo due to the trailers lower profile compared to a flatbed trailer. Learn More


48 & 53′ of trailer space

A Roll-tite is a flat deck trailer featuring an innovative accordion-style rolling tarp system that enhances load protection. This system involves a tarp stretched over a rolling frame, which can be conveniently positions at the from, middle or rear of the trailer, facilitating loading and unloading from the sides, top or back. Learn More

Double Drop

48′ & 53′ of trailer space

A double drop, is a specialized trailer used for the transportation of industrial equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, and military vehicles. The low deck height allows for the convenient drive-on loading and unloading of cargo. These trailers feature a well between the two axles that is exceptionally close to the ground. Learn More

Cargo Van/ Sprinter

Vary in Sizes

Sprinters come in a variety of sizes and configurations, making them versatile for multiple purposes. There advantages include their compact size, which makes then easy to maneuver and park in busy urban areas. Additionally, driving a cargo van typically does not require a special license, as they handle much more like an SUV. Learn More

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