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Roll-tite Trailers

A Rolltite trailer, also known as a Roll-tite or Roll-top trailer, is a type of flatbed trailer that features a unique rolling tarp system. This innovative design allows for easy and flexible tarping and protection of the cargo on the trailer. Rolltite trailers are often used for transporting various types of freight, and their rolling tarp system provides several advantages.

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Key Features

  • Cargo Protection: The rolling tarp system consists of a tarp stretched over a rolling frame that can be moved to cover or uncover the cargo quickly. This design provides protection form the elements, including rain, snow, and dust, while also offering security against theft.
  • Loading Flexibility: The ability to roll back the tarp allows for flexible loading and unloading from the sides and top of the trailer. This can be especially useful for oversized or irregularly shaped cargo.
  • Accessibility: Rolltite trailers typically have rear doors for conventional loading and unloading , making them suitable for standard dock operations as well
  • Versatility: Can transport a wide range of cargo, including machine parts, building materials, lumber, and other goods that require protection and flexible access.
  • Size and Capacity: A Rolltite is usually found in 48-foot to 53-foot variations. Boasting a carrying capacity of 46,000lbs and more depending on the number of axels.

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