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There are a lot of shipping companies out there. Each shipping company has different rates, fees, shipping options etc. making it difficult to choose the right shipping company for your business. The shipping type that will best fit for your company’s needs should be based on good market analysis.

Some other factors that you need to consider when choosing between shipping companies are:

* How much experience does the shipping company have?  The more they’re shipping the more potential for shipping issues, but in this fast paced industry experience plays a huge role in keeping up.

* What kind of freight shipping services does the shipping company offer?

You want to choose a shipping company that meets your requirements with rates that fit your budget.

First, some definitions.

Freight shipping is the process of transporting large amounts of cargo by ship or by truck. Freight shipping also refers to a specific type of cargo transported in shipping containers.

The term shipping container describes a freight shipping company supplying shipping containers or shipping vessel loaded with shipping containers.

Freight shipping is widely used by shipping companies because it saves time, money and labor costs.

Carriers who transport their own freight are known as freight forwarders. Carriers who work for another company are known as less-than-truckload carriers (LTL).

Freight shipping and freight shipping services are common and becoming more widely used every year. The shipping container industry has developed over the years because of the need to transport cargo around the world.

To transport products, shipping containers are used to store products in shipping warehouses until the shipping container is full.

Freight shipping companies have different types of shipping services:

* Line haul shipping: When your freight is picked up by one shipper and delivered to one destination. This shipping service typically offer lower shipping rates than full truckload shipping. It can take longer for your freight to be delivered.

* Part truckload shipping: When your freight is picked up by one shipper and delivers in multiple shipments to the destination. Lower price than full truckload shipping, and it will take longer for your cargo to be delivered.

* FTL: A full truckload shipping service is when the shippers pick up your cargo and deliver it in one shipment straight to the destination. More expensive than other shipping services, but it takes less time for cargo delivery.

* LTL shipping: A less than truckload shipping service, which means it’s a shipping service where the freight company doesn’t allocate a truck solely for your product. They will ship your cargo in multiple shipments, which reduces shipping cost.

* Less than container shipping: When your shipping company supplies you shipping containers to transport all of your cargo in one shipping container. A higher cost for delivery in less time.

* Container shipping: When your shipping company supplies shipping containers to transport your cargo in several shipping containers. More expensive but faster than other shipping services.

* Intermodal shipping: When you have one container transferred from a train, truck or boat depending on the destination. More expensive than other shipping services, but it takes less time for cargo delivery.

* Breakbulk shipping: When you have one or multiple containers not separated into shipping containers. Mostly used when freight items are oversized or oddly shaped.

Now that you have a better understanding of shipping services and terms you need to find out what shipping service matches your freight shipping needs.

Finding a freight shipping company

Take into consideration the amount of product, destination and speed of delivery.

So, you’ve discovered what shipping service fits your freight shipping requirements. The next step is finding a reliable freight shipping company that supplies that service. For a breakdown of the process of researching shipping companies read this article.

The shipping industry has so many options for shipping companies. The demand for transportation is increasing every year. Finding a freight shipping company is easier than you think. However it’s important to do your research on the shipping companies before selecting one.

Take into consideration what services they offer. Check if the shipping service they provide meets your shipping requirements and if they have shipping containers.

What to expect

If the company doesn’t have a shipping container to accommodate your cargo that’s a red flag. The freight shipping company should be able to supply different types of shipping containers. A reliable freight shipping company will also offer competitive rates for each shipping service they offer. Freight shipping containers offer regular and customized shipping containers on time, and on budget and at a guaranteed price.

The shipping company should be able to accommodate shipping containers, shipping services and shipment deliveries with speed, safety and efficiency.

Freight shipping companies handle shipping containers with care. There’s a lot of cargo inside one single shipping container, like electronics and jewelry that could easily break if mishandled.

Here are examples of what you can expect from a freight shipping company that supply shipping containers:   

  – A full range of shipping services that increase your efficiency, reduce costs and save the environment through shipping container shipping.

– Custom shipping containers to fit your shipping requirements and shipping space in the shipping container.

– Shipping container advertisements that increase brand awareness for your company or event.

Navigating the shipping and freight industry as a new business owner can be daunting. There are many providers and services to investigate and to connect with. Simplify your search and book a call with one of our experts at FreightNav. We’ll help you find the right shipping type for your needs.

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